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My wife, Heather, and I work as a team to create images that are dynamic, yet clean and real. Our images are based on strong photographic and lighting techniques that we have mastered in over ten years of business. We will always work very hard to give you a great experience by providing a relaxed, “make yourself at home”, atmosphere. We only shoot one portrait session per day which means that there is no rush imposed on you because another client will be arriving 30 minutes after you. You and your images have our full attention on the day of your session.
Our sessions are highly customized based on who you are and what your interests are. The more things you are into, and the more hobbies you have, the better we like it. This is about more than what you look like. We want to show who you are. We want people to be able to look at your images and know instantly what you are all about. This is not something that can be easily achieved in a 30 minute session, it takes time. We give you that.
Booking is easy. Contacting us via Facebook Messenger is the quickest and easiest way to contact us. Email is good as well, as we check our email throughout the day where possible. You may call as well. If we do not answer, it means we a busy creating awesome images for our clients but leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We'll then set a time for you to come in and hang out. We love meeting new clients. This is when we find out who you are and how we can best photograph you to show that. This meeting is casual and fun.

At this meeting, we will discuss what type of session you are interested in, Studio, Location, Destination, or a combination. If you decide on Locations, we will work with you to choose locations/destinations that best define you. Then we set dates and we're ready to go.

So I bet you are wondering how much all of this is going to cost? Not as much as you may think. We are not cheap, as I am sure you don't really want cheap photography anyway. We are, however, competitive with other professional alternatives and you may buy as much or as little as you like so long as you meet our minimum purchase amounts. We guarantee that you will love your images and that they will always be worth more to you and your family than what you paid for them. Sessions are $225.

No minimum purchase required. You may make any size purchase and we never corner you into any specific "packages" that just have a lot of extra copies that you don't need. You get more of what you want, great images, and none of what you don't.

So you want Digital Files? Sure! We include a social media digital copy of every print you purchase in an online gallery at no extra charge! Share all you want.

Payments! Yes! We will gladly set up a payment plan that fits your needs. We do require the session fee to be paid up front to book your session(s). We want you to have great portraits and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Don't put it off another minute! We can't wait to work with you.
Please contact us directly for Day Rates and travel details. We are willing to travel.
Interests and Accomplishments
Traveling is also a passion of mine and in my travels I get to attend many international photographic conventions, competitions, and workshops. More often than not, I am speaking, teaching, and competing at these as well. I have taught from London to Vegas and everywhere in-between. In 2014 I won the top award at London’s International Print Competition. Over the past few years I have received numerous Photographer of the Year awards at our own State, Regional, and International print competitions. The top of which was the much coveted PPA Diamond Award in 2013. All of these accomplishments have enabled me to earn my Master of Photography, Master of Electronic Imaging, and Photographic Craftsman Degrees. In 2014 I also received Professional Photographers of America's Imaging Excellence Award for having more than 13 images accepted into PPA’s Loan Collection. Many of these images can be seen in the "Personal Work" gallery on this website.